Not another blog!!!

Every time I think about starting a blog, I can hear all the bloggers and readers saying “Not another blog!!”.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) I can’t seem to shake it.  So here goes.

The things that bring me life are Jesus, my family, reading, writing, and being outside with my flowers and garden.  So those are the things that I will write about.  This blog is mostly for me.  I process my thoughts through writing, and maybe it will speak to someone in the meantime.  But mostly, I want to glorify God in what I say and do.

There's my girl, BethAnn!
There’s my girl, BethAnn!

I will also be writing about how God redeemed me from my sins, and how He continues to redeem my life, taking my ashes and creating something beautiful instead.

I am crazy nervous about doing this whole blog thing wrong and failing miserably.  Is it ok to fail?  I’m not sure.  Another lesson that God is working on.


On to today’s post:

This year I have been reading a Proverb every day (along with other scriptures).  Today was Proverbs 27.  A verse that stuck with me is verse 19.  “As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects the man.”  God has been working in my heart to get rid of the ick and to replace it with his holiness, a painful process.  But the joy and peace that comes from God’s work is more beautiful than I could imagine.  (More on the “ick” at a later date.)


Thanks be to God for his persistence.

I needed it.

And so do you.

I hope that you allow God to persist with you.  What is he whispering in your ear?  What is he telling you to do today? 

Will you say “yes”? 

Today God is telling me to think less about myself and more about others.  I am a teacher, so my summer days are precious.  I get a little riled up when someone tries to tell me what I need to do on my days off.  So my poor husband tiptoes around me, even when he really needs help with something.  So I’m trying to figure out how to manage my free days and not get too selfish about them.   I’ve noticed that the selfishness leaves me grumpy and ungrateful I want God’s joy and peace.  So I’m trying to listen to God’s voice in this matter.  Any advice??

I would love to hear what you have to say.  Leave me a comment 🙂